Treadle for C&P 10” x 15” New Style (measurements) needed

Hi, I have recently acquired a Chandler & Price 10” x 15” New Style (made in 1928). I am well down the track restoring the old beast but now need a treadle. I have contacted Hern Ironworks who make them. They have been very helpful but unfortunately the freight to NZ is prohibitive at around US$500.00 or so. I therefore was thinking of manufacturing one out of steel but at the same time make it look “right”.

Could someone please send me a bit of a scetch/photo with all the exact measurements, including for the hook?

Much appreciated!

Of course, if anyone in NZ or Australia reads this and happens to have a treadle they want to part with, that would even be better!

9 Oct 2014- update! I managed to find a more economic freight option and the new treadle has been installed! The press has been fully restored now with new rollers etc.and prints beautifully! See photos before and after!

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image: Before restoration as found in a garden

Before restoration as found in a garden

image: After restoration

After restoration