Release for Download: 1923 ATF Specimen Book

As many of you know, there has been a gaping hole in the collections of specimen books online: the 1923 ATF Specimen Book & Catalogue.

There is good reason for this. The book is huge; at over 1100 pages and almost ten pounds, it represents an overwhelming task for digitization. And added to this is the fact that almost every page is in full color.

I’m pleased to announce that we have just released the first full-sized, full-color digitization of this important book, free for download. Two issues are available: one optimized for mobile devices (149 Mb), and one at 400 dpi (999 Mb). Both are immediately available as torrents. The mobile issue is available for direct download now, courtesy of The hi-resolution issue is being uploaded to servers as you read this, and should be available for download in three parts by tomorrow. (I will update this thread as soon as it is available.)

For download links, an explanation of why this book is so important, and publication notes, go to the “downloads” page of our website at: .

image: atf.png


image: sample1.png


image: sample3.png


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Just a quick update. The direct download links for the high resolution pdf are now live, and I have updated the website with them. Also, my thanks for the patience of those using the torrent link; as time goes on more seeds will mean faster downloading times for eveyone. Happy reading!


This is awesome! Thank you.
Really helps in looking-up typefaces.


Thanks so much! This will save wear and tear on my copy, which is already worn and torn.


Downloading, right now. Thank you very much. Without this pdf copy I would have probably never had a chance to flip through this specimen book.