Custom Rollers

Hi everyone-
I’m seeking advice from anyone with experience in having custom rollers made.
I have an Alden’s Model Job Press, one of only 2 I’ve ever heard of, and had custom rollers made for it last year that are a bit off in terms of measurement and hardness. Looking to have new ones made.
I’d appreciate advice on where to find some good custom rollers!

image: the press

the press

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Check with Paul Aken
Platen Press Museum
His email is: [email protected]

We have Ramco Roller Products, San Dimas, California
make all of our rollers.
Their product and service is top notch!

T & T Press Restoration

Many thanks Terri!

Hi, we demonstrate a Model Press in our museum. If you need roller dimensions, I’d be glad to provide them. The rollers that came with the press were in good shape, so we haven’t had to replace them. For other presses, we use Finzer.

Ramco - at least three sets and all done correctly with terrific service.