Heidelberg falling off impression

I’m having trouble with my press. It has been fine for 3-4 years but has recently been falling off impression more and more regularly. I’ve tried watching to see what could be doing it but am not noticing anything.

I’ve adjusted the ‘trip’ ‘screw’ to different levels of being far out. I’ve checked air lines. I’m obviously missing something.

I’ve also tried different speeds.

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If you turn the press on and put into drive you are engaging a step that sits on another step the balance of the amount of overlap these steps have is adjusted by the screw you turn in for more sensitive trip or out to make it less fussy , the edge of the step usually the part no T1647 or the other which sits on it will have worn and the edge which should be a tidy off square edge will have rounded and this round means where the metal has gone the two flats that sit together slip over one another too easily (too sensitive because with wear here you lose adjustment ) .
Sometimes this can be made worse if the machine was not properly lifted and this can be seen ,if you start the press and engage the drive ,stand a couple of feet away and get your eye to fix on the engage drive handle Part noT1907 if the machine has been moved by strapping around the end of the clutch housing the shaft can be damaged and you can see the end of the drive handle bobbing up and down when the machine is running .

Hi Peter, thanks for your reply.

I think it is this part, however, it looks pretty square and unworn. both parts. However, if i turn the clutch handle that little bit extra when engaging then it does last a little longer.

Is there an adjustment on this? I’m aware it’s a safety device so isn’t designed to be interfered with too much.

there may be sense in checking the tension of the cable going to the swing up guard ,if its too tight it can hold the step up. Theres nothing you can actually alter except turning the screw outward ,this is the sensitivity setting for the limit switch /miss sheet stop .
You could also degrease the edges of the faces on the step in the hope of it hanging on , these wear just a wee bit and become a pain , the edges of the lip where they rest together are meant to not be rounded off even a bit ,it does not take much for this smalldegree of wear to cause you grief .