dimensions C&P 10x15 trough window?

I´m a total Letterpress Newbie opening my own printshop.
I bought a C&P 10x15 Oldstyle but I have no idea of the height of it. I finally found a studio to work but I´m not sure if the press will get through the window. Its height is about 5, 18 feet and will be fixed on a palett as well. Will I have to remove pieces? Which one?

Thanks for every advice!

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The ink table assembly is easy enough to take off (and put back on) but I’m not near the university’s 10x15 to see how tall it is without that bit. I can check in a couple of days, if no one has answered this specific question.

Just out of curiosity, why go in through a window?

Thank you Arie,
because the door is too small and its a little shop, so the shop display window is much bigger than the door.

According to another thread, this document ( http://www.aquiseencuaderna.com/pdf/chandler.pdf ) says the height of a crated 10x15 NS is 61 inches.