Heidelberg 13x18 question..

Is anybody running a 13x18 3 phase on an inverter? I would be interested in your experiences. Is it worth doing? Any problems?

I’m interested in adding one to my, mostly manual, printshop but we are limited by only having a single phase supply in the workshop.

We are in the UK, 240v.

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Just dealt with very same situation!!! Acquired a new second hand machine, which came with a CONVERTER!!! ( now up and running) but here it gets complicated, the CONVERTER is very old technology, involving massive transformers, capacitors, etc etc and produces comparitively crude artificial 3 phase with (apparently) unreliable phase distribution, which is not to good for the long term health of the motor!!!! In this day and age INVERTERS are the norm and with modern technology, are a vast improvement on CONVERTERS. Plus you dont need a J.C.B. to lift them. >>> I called up the manufacturers of the motor, my machine was equipped with, and was directed to their service department, and although the technician was hesitant (initially), to help me on the phone, understandably, not wanting the Companies name linked to death by electrocution, eventually gave me a fantastic seminar, which included details of 3 phase motor internal wiring, which going back many, years involving STAR or DELTA wound, which can be re linked to run from either 240v single phase or 400v three phase, implying that in some cases, an older converter or a modern inverter may not be required. This info is offered as findings and not facts, my unit is up and running but my learning curve still has a long way to go!!!. Swap the plot offline, if you like. B.P. seem to be quite happy to put like minded in touch. Good Luck Mick