i am a new press owner (kelsey 3 x 5) and have a roller problem. the ones that came with the press are pretty much shot-does anyone know where i can either get relpacements, or have the rollers remade (the metal part seems to be ok…) i am trying to make some handmade cards and think that letterpress is absolutely fabulous!

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Dear Fellow Printer,

Glad you love letterpress printing.. I started 60 years ago and still have a passion for it.

You can get rollers from various sources, but you could try NAGRAPH@EKIVA.NET. They sell all sorts of supplies and rollers too. Tell them what you need, etc.

Please keep me in mind for equipment needs and free advice. Glad to help anytime. How long are you doing letterpress?


Try David Hauser with Tarheel Roller (http://www4.ncsu.edu/~bdhauser/TarheelRoller&Brayer/TarheelRoller&Brayer...). He just recast my Vandercook rollers. He did a great job, I have only good things to say about him!!