Anyone know what this is?

Anyone know what this is? This was left to me. No idea what it is but it works wells to apply even pressure to some Lino blocks I have been carving.

image: photo.JPG


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Best initial guess, variation of book press, nipping press, padding press!!! slacken of knurled hand screw at front, crank the primary adjuster down with handle at rear (probably rack and pinion style), lockup at front, and then with lathe type handle atop, wind down to desired pressure, with the option of more squeeze as/when required, (hand made paper possibly?) but the size of the bed would seem to imply larger foot missing from bottom of column, slipper type fitting, made from multi-ply laminate, or maybe several types, square, round or even rebated for crude embossing!!! Just possibilities, for adaption, if all else fails..

Looks like (sadly) an empty case of Maker’s Mark to me!

ScottyP…. I have no real clue as to what it was originally intended to be…. but it looks like it would be VERY handy for printing small blocks as mentioned above. With a little ingenuity, it could also be adapted for PP plates or movable type. I’ve go an old arbor press that I use for such things, and that gizmo would do about hte same job.

Now…. on to important matters: Do you happen to have any more of the Maker’s Mark left?

Whats Makers Mark. Whatever it is it sounds like good stuff. I’d go with padding press. Just ad a couple of boards

I cracked the case! It’s a cigar packing press. Here is one I found on eBay:

Renee :)

Its an early miller, not like the miller presses i’ve seen. Don’t believe everything you see on ebay, i saw a rail press mounted on a wall, they described it as an early press for soap making.

Vettelove is right. Cigar press. I have a cigar trimmer from the Miller Dubril Co.

Good cigar goes well with the Makers Mark.



Ah, yes that would make sense since my Dad rolled his own…. cigarettes… sometimes. Sometimes it was the sticky. I should have guessed.

As for the Makers, its all gone, all that is left is the box and some empty bottles. If you all like makers I would suggest buying it up now because there is going to be a shortage over the next couple few years.

I used it for a lino block and it worked great with the assistance of a 2x4. Im sure Ill put it to good use in the future.

Cheers bloaks.

OK, straying a bit off topic now…
Naturally a cigar press would make sense: the perfect foreground for a shot of a case of Maker’s Mark.

More importantly - what’s this about a shortage of MM?!

They have had dramatic growth over the last couple years, they announced that they were going to dilute their bourbon from 90 to 84 prof to help with the shortage and people here and nation wide through a fit, less than a week later they retracted that decision.