4 deckle edge

Re 4 deckle edge, early last year, I was given the challenge of making from scratch, a system to perform this exact operation, which I did mostly out of my head but plagerising the Holroyd Perforating system, (in case this is not known in the U.S.A. a brief outline follows, way back when, a lot of jobs were printed, perforated and numbered in one go, with the use of the Holroyd perf, system, it worked thus, the perf rule was sandwiched between 2 sprung loaded brass zig zags slightly above type high, which inked, but protected the rollers from the perf pin, the zig zags allowed the perf to perf etc, obviously the zig zags printed but only at the tear off!!!) My system merely utilised this idea, my prototype was turned as a three part system, the outer barrel locked into the forme the secondary part depressed and printed as an”O” about 18 point, and the pin at .918 perfed perfectly and was tested at our Museum, and could well be produced as sets??? If of course the 4 D/E was to be presented as flat sheets, to view, without the benefit of the printed “o” hidden in the spine or the binding, I could possibly make the depressable point as an ornament. Constructive comments welcome. Mick.

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actually… that sounds like it would work. Can you post pics or a sketch? I’d like to try it.

w c p thank you, I feel pretty sure its a goer, and I am doing my best to get my head around posting, photographic back up, but after many years on the Monotype reading upside down and back to front, this medium is more alien to me than most!! even on my Lathe or Mill, I need measurements in Imperial inches or Ems Pica, one side of my caliper vernier might as well be Klingon or similar, but as most retro Letterpress was/is imperial not a problem!!!. Soon as I am up to speed will post several pics. Have 2 pics of end grain hardwood poster type waiting, patiently. Thanks, Mick