SP-20 roller height issue

On checking my roller height, I am finding that they are at type high within the first few inches of the dead bar but then proceed to lift as the carriage travels down the bed. Within 6 inches or so, they are no longer touching my gauge. Any idea what’s causing this? The rails are clean.

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More info as I explore this:

The rollers lift at about 5.5” from the dead bar. This is consistent.

At that moment, I also noticed certain bearing rollers become engaged or disengaged.

In the “inner roller” image, the metal bearing (I hope I’m using the right term…) in the center disengages and stops rolling (it’s not sliding). The undercarriage bearings engage at this point.

I have cleaned the rails, the tracks, the gears and there is no change in this.

Further thoughts are appreciated. I’m at wits end here.

image: underrollers.jpg


image: inner roller.jpg

inner roller.jpg


Sounds like you need to have your bearings adjusted. Go to http://vandercookpress.info/
There is information there on how this can be done.

Or put a question to the Vanderblog. There are folks there waiting on pins and needles for your questions.


I’m thinking it’s a bearing adjustment as well. I’ve got someone coming out next week to take a look. I don’t want to start messing with that by myself.