Heidelberg Windmill - Registration Problem

Hi there,

I have a problem with my 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill. I hope somebody can help me.

So far I printed without guides, but on the other day I wanted to print with guides. So I set the gripper to “printing with guides”, and arranged the feed table to the left. After a few test runs I noticed the lay bar doesn’t move high enough, so the guides and the pin can’t hold the paper. I found the round knob, which is attached to the bar, on the flywheel side, I clicked it into the right position, but the lay bar still didn’t rise up enough to hold the paper. To observe the problem I was operating the machine by hand and my fault was I moved the lay bar as well. Then the machine got stuck. Another fault was I propelled the wheel and there was a click somewhere. That click caused the registration is out of time. I replaced the grippers with a piece of aluminum sheet (I hold it on the gripper’s place) to observe what is going on there. It seems the gripper movement is “one beat” late (the gripper’s open-close sync seems okay), because it could grasp the sucker bar, and when the platen closes it is still between the platen and the base. I checked the head, it’s totally okay, so the problem is somewhere deeper.

My question is moving the lay bar could cause this trouble? Can it be fixed? Have anyone experiment something like this?

Unfortunately there are no Heidelberg specialist machinist in my country. I know only 2-3 men who have this press, and they repair it by themselves. I’m a little worried to call an “average” press mechanic… So if you have any suggestion I’m grateful to take it.

Thank you so much!

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Is there any possibility of something blocking the guides from moving all the way up? Is the rod that is used for holding the packing all the way in the clamps? Just some simple ideas.

Can you manually raise the lay bar to the right position or is there resistance? And you’re certain you have the knob set correctly for running guides? When set, you shouldn’t be able to manually move the bar.

I was just thinking the same. Is it possible the click he heard was the knob jumping out of it’s slot?

Are you using nickle or brass guides on your lay bar? Can you post a photo?