foil stamping with C&Ps

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Can you share your thoughts on exploring foil stamping with a C&P? I have an 8x12 and 12x18, thinking perhaps the 12x18 might be a better option to retrofit for the project, but would like initial thoughts on this decision.

I reached out to Sterling Toggle for a price quote of their heated base and foil feed system and was floored with their $7695 estimate.

A couple of questions I’m kicking around:
1) Can you build your own heated base {how would you do this}? How do you tackle the power source for this without having wires/cables sticking every which way?

2) Do you need to have a ‘system’ in place to roll/feed the foil? I’m exploring the option of cutting the foil down and ‘layering’ the stock under a sheet of foil for every print since I can slow the press down to a pretty S L O W and managable speed… would this even work? I was hoping to just ‘peel’ the foil off the paper instead of installing a big feed system… this might only work in theory.

3) What is the best type of plate to use… I’ve seen several posts about which material might be best: copper, mag, etc… may I have additional thoughts?

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