Hartford Prints! Letterpress 101 Printshop

Ever wonder what it feels like to run a pristine piece of paper through a vintage press? Wish you could rummage through drawers of old metal type? Find yourself nostalgic for the creative process of communication, rather than waiting for the instant gratification of a “like?”

Then you should register for Hartford Prints! Letterpress 101 Printshop! Participants will learn the labor and love of letterpress through an exploration of everything from typesetting to linoleum carving. Open to all skill levels, students will leave the workshop with 50 personalized note cards, to be used as stationery, greeting cards, or unique gifts.

Where: Hartford Prints!’s studio: 56 Arbor Street, Suite 220, Hartford CT 06106

When: Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th from 10am - 5pm

How much: $300.00

To register, email [email protected]

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