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I am going to print a new Manual, the 4th, dedicated to the aesthetic of papers and that will feature specimina of watermarks and of the most important exotic and European papers (from Holland, Germany, England and Italy), both ancient and modern.
I don’t have American papers and I am sorry because I know that the USA have a strong tradition in papermaking. Do you know how to find a few sheets of the XIX Century and the beginning of the XX? Thus, I would be able to worthily complete this book I have been working on for two years.
Thank you.

Enrico Tallone (

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Enrico, Try calling French Paper Company in Niles Michigan. Ask for Jerry French. They make a lot of specialty papers and he may be able to guide you in the right direction. I would love to know if he could help you.

Hello Enrico,

Perhaps someone at the Crane Museum of Papermaking can advise you.

I looked through your website. It is lovely, and your catalog is impressive. I wish there were more photos of your publications.


I was searching the web for a specific book that had been produced by Strathmore Paper in 1896. It contained beautiful samples of some of heir finest paper. I don’t own a copy but I’d like to have one.
The closest I could find was this link, it might get you started.