Blotter Paper

Has any one tried the Neenah Blotter Paper. I’ve seen some people link it in a few posts but am interested in some opinions. I asked Neenah and they recommended testing first. Thanks.

heres the link:

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As a paper sales rep I have sold this sheet many times for commercial offset printing and scenting. (Think the perfume samples they hand you in a department store.) I’ve printed on it letterpress and was un-impressed, no pun intended.
It depends on what you are using it for. A beer coster? A scent card, or just a sheet that you can pound type into?
The formation is quite inconsistent and it prints unevenly.
If you are just looking for thick stock there are better choices.
Steve Varvaro

Thanks Steve. Yes coasters mostly. I’ve seen it mentioned but your answer seems what I was expecting.