Challenge Proofing Press 15MA (like a Vandercook SP-15)

Challenge 15MA Proof Press - this is an exact knockoff model from the Vandercook SP-15. Asking $7,000.00 OBO

+15MA model is a galley bed with manual inking (crank wheel, inks automatically when printing). Comes with two steel sheets to build up galley to .918.

+two form rollers with second set of old rollers and cores for recovering without having the press be out of commission. Current rollers will need recovering in 1-2 years depending on usage.

+Bearings replaced January 2013 - the FIRST TIME ever (they go a long way). New bearings are factory parts made in the US - not your cheap bearings made in China.

+ NO lockup bar, but has the dead bar and end bar for a tight lockup. Comes with Challenge quoins and quoin key.

+Rails & steel cylinders are in great condition.

+Serviced semi-annually by Dave and Beth Seat.

+Used regularly to print tight registration, die-cutting, large poster work and double sided work.

+Includes Press tool-box with all tools to lower & raise rollers, cylinder height, changing of tympan and bearing height. Roller setting gauge not included. All tools marked with their place of usage.

+Maximum sheet size: 15x20” - Maximum print area 13x19”

+Floor space: 2’ x 5’; weight: 700 lbs. Press mounted on 2x4s for easy moving and transport.

+Refurbished in 2002 - excellent working condition.

+Comes as a package deal with a magnetic knife bar that sits on the feed table for consistent registration.

+Also included is a 9x12” deep relief Boxcar Base, and 50 die-cut tympan top-sheets.

+Equipment located in Driggs, Idaho zipcode 83422 - near Jackson Hole,WY.

+Easy access, first floor loading through 6’ doors.

+Delivery available anywhere in the Western US for +$1000. Delivery cost covers trailer/u-haul rental, gas/mileage to-from destination and unload at dock or entrance of destination.


History on this press : Challenge machinery started manufacturing proof presses and created two models that are close manufacturing replicas of the Vandercook SP15 manual and automatic inking models. Vandercook sued for patent infringement and won and Challenge had to stop manufacturing these presses.

There are not many of these presses around in this good of condition however their parts replacement is easy because they can use the Vandercook SP15 parts.

I’ve owned this press for 7 years and have loved on it immensely. It’s my baby and will be a great press for years. Send inquiry for photos. Press will be ready to pick up or deliver in late June or early July 2013.

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