Die Cutting on the Adana Eight Five

Hey There,

Was just wanting to know if it was possible to die cut on the Adana Eight Five. If so can anyone please help with details or maybe a link that could help?

Thanks in advance.

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Kind of a small press for die-cutting, you must keep the die small, if you try to make a lot of cuts you will need more pressure than the 5x8 can produce and might break the press. you need to cover your platten so you don’t cut it. Check out die-cutting on utube i’m sure something will come up.

I doubt you will really be successful ,the platen is made of an alloy not unlike that used to make toy cars , if it doesnt just break it will certainly bend then break . I have seen the back of one of these break out through not adjusting properly they dont appear to be particularly strong.
I have a couple of little ones begged from mono mick over the years they work well for printing ,i havent the heart to break them by die cutting on em. I have used them for glueing though!