Spell Check etc.

Regarding the latest round of Sniping, Backbiting, Oneupmanship, etc, some seems to be below the belt, but maybe provoked!!! A few days ago there was a post that ran to many points of view, (all alleged facts) 95% contradictory and of no help to the original serious query, but “we must get our handle in the frame you understand” Perhaps, Mr. Mrs Miss, Bloggs should walk away and not bother, and deprive oneself (as an ancient) who still wants to glean pearls from the ancients, and also deprive the new ones of yet learning, having sorted the facts from the gobbledegook!!! ………….. OR BETTER YET attempt to observe the principals of the Following :- ….This is a Printing Office, Crossroads of civilization, Refuge of all the Arts, Against the ravages of time, Armoury of fearless truth, Against whispering rumour, Incessant trumpet of trade, >>>From this place words may fly abroad, Not to perish on the winds of sound, Not to vary with the writers hand, But fixed in time, having been verified in proof, FRIEND YOU STAND ON SACRED GROUND, THIS IS A PRINTING OFFICE.>>>>>>Beatrice Ward 1932, With Eric Gill,s Perpetua. Maybe one or two or three of the points could yet be kept in the frame, like refuge of ALL the Arts, Fearless Truth, (not gobblededgook) Whispering rumour, Verified in proof, Oxford English Dictionary as opposed to spellcheck!!! for example???

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Are you in my shop?? I have that hanging on my wall. But there is a hundred other sayings and gobblededgook hanging up as well.