Creasing small card on a Heidelberg Tiegel

I just finished creasing a small card 2.25” x 2.5” to create a nice fold for table tents that will be used to label food items.

I did this off guides and used the feed center divider and one auxiliary side standard to the left of the center divider.

Would there have been a better way to do this in terms of setting up the feeder?

I rarely need to work with stock this small, so I am very much of a novice at it. Generally, the smallest I need to do is standard place seating card size.

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Why did you do it so small , the benefits of the larger machine is to multi lay up the job and reduce your run time, you can lock up cutting rule either side of your crease and have the lengths trimmed down on a guillotine ,this way you can guarantee the fold is really in the centre and the edges will be a good line up too ,eliminates the horrible rocking pile of stock you have to cope with on the guillotine as i suspect you are dealing with at the moment !
you still have to trim the lengths but the crease is less of a problem in the pertinent direction , that being it will be 90o to the blade .

Hi Peter,

I only had to deliver a little under 200, so I creased them to size with the crease running parallel to the gripper. Consequently, I did not have a back trim. Took more time to setup the job than to run it.

Once I had the feeder setup with the correct tension to keep the stock square, it ran perfectly. We are fortunate in that our press runs near hairline on commercial.

However, I do like the idea of using cutting rule! I had never really thought of that… and knew I would learn something if I posted this.