2013 SlowPrint Letterpress Master Classes - June 21-23

Get three days of total Letterpress immersion at SlowPrint!
Windmill, Vandercook, Miehle Vertical, C&P Gordon, problem solving, mechanical pointers, ink, trimming tricks and troubles, etc.

We’ve got three slots open with a maximum of four in the class.
Please see http://slowprint.com/letterpress-master-classes

SlowPrint is in Dubuque, Iowa, three hours west of Chicago, and just over an hour or so by car north of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, where Type on the Cob will be held the following weekend.
We’d love to see you if you’re in the area!

Comments from participants in the May 2013 Master Class:

Every aspect met my expectations and more…
Your passion, love for the history, and detail craftsmanship was infectious and came through while communicating techniques.

Q:What were the best aspects of the class for you?
The hands on. Actually running the press and problem solving. The best thing was having a two-sided project with an die cut that the die was a bit off. Multiple issues to problem solve. I was able to learn a lot in a very short time with these challenges which I wouldn’t have if it was a simple one sided project. I would highly suggest to use the same project in other classes or something with a lot of challenges. And the excellent coffee and fiddle playing!
– Dean Wilder, Art Director, Designer (Phoenix, AZ)

I was looking to learn more about the press and its operation as well as get an overview of the entire process from design to print and that’s what I got.
Peter was very open to questions and willing to take the class to whatever subjects each of the participants required.
- Jeremy Aslesen, Letterpress Production Manager, Carlson Craft (Mankato, MN)

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