I am a free-lance graphic designer, a paper and letterpress lover (and all things good design). My sis in law has a Vandercook and i would credit her for my love and basic knowledge/skill of letterpress. Because i don’t live near my SIL i would love to start doing my own at some point. I currently have the opportunity to get a press, paper cutter and plate maker for practically no cost and am trying to figure out what i’d be getting into. all are in good, working condition (been in storage for several year but taken care of. no rusting etc.). the press is a “multigraph multilith Duplicator 1250”. I am not familiar with this make and would love to get some feedback. I guess I’m looking for a mentor. I also have some questions about a the plate maker. so if anyone’s up for a nice discussion let me know!!

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Welcome to the club of the ink addicted.
The Multi 1250 is an offset press, not a letterpress. It is a fine old workhorse if in decent condition and adjustment. The platemaker is probably one to make offset plates.
Without seeing it and knowing the size, I would say grab the paper cutter if it is at little cost.

Say where you are.
I am open for further discussion.