Reglets w/ case; Rouse Comp Sticks

Yes, now is the time to save $$$! Our custom made reglet case, plus our 6 and 12pt reglets are on sale!! Reglets come in 5 different lengths of 10-15-20-25-30 picas long; you get even amounts of 6 and 12 pt reglets on all orders. 200 with case $39; 100 with case $29; 50 with case $24;

We have some excellent stainless steel Rouse Composing Sticks at special prices: we have two 6” used in excellent condition $30 ea; two 8” new sticks @ $60 ea; two 8” used in excellent condition @ $45 ea. Please add $20 to all orders for Insured Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the USA.
We have many other good items on sale such as wood furniture, quoins, types, rubber base inks, etc. Let us know your needs. Inventory changes all the time. All items are guaranteed to satisfy 100% or your money back!. We have over 50 experience in letterpress. Email your order today! Request our pricelists and photos, etc. We accept PayPal.

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