Cleaning Type

I know there’s lots on the list regarding oxidation and rust, but I wanted to share the following in the hopes that it would be helpfulto tohers.others.

I was fortunate enough to “inherit” some 36 pt Baskerville which is a quite beautiful design. It’s in great shape but very, very dirty - full of that black stuff (ink and such) that time brings. I soaked it in 100% Oil Eater (got it from Amazon) and another batch in 50% water and with the 100%, the grime floated off after about 12 hours, with the 50% a bit longer. I then dried it in the oven and lightly coated it with WDF-40 and I see no ill effects to the the type. It’s not shiny like new type but it’s very clean. I wear gloves and work in a well ventilated area. Hope this helps someone.

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lead is cleanable with water to remove dust layers ,spirit wont remove general dust grime so some water will be necessary ,drying after cleaning is a must and whilst i would use anti oxidant or ink retarder to keep moisture off there no reason why oil would pose a problem if you wipe a set forme over with stripper or other spirit to get the oil off before use . It wasnt unusual for monotype cast formes to be quite greasy off the caster and a wipe with a spirit rag did fine .