value of items and what to keep

I bought a business a couple of years ago that has 5 large C&Ps mainly I think. Plus type and ink and various items. I thought I might keep one press or possibly two and sell the rest. But now I may be moving across the country and may sell all. How do I figure out what to keep; i.e., is most versatile or useful and what to sell? I think there are new rollers for at least one press. The presses look like they are different sizes. Would the cost of moving one or two be too much to be worthwhile? How do I determine what all can be printed on them? Thanks!

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The big presses I’ve seen for sale lately aren’t worth much money-wise…. from free to a few hundred dollars usually.

It’s an issue of how you’re moving, (do you have extra free room to pack them into a big truck?) if they have any sentimental value (which I’m guessing not), and if you’re reasonably sure that you’ll use ‘em once you’re in your new digs. Good luck, either way!

Thanks. I don’t know much about them and can’t decide how practical it is to move one of them. Sounds like I should really be sure before moving one. I’ll be storing stuff for a while so that press would have to move twice. Probably not worth it. Thanks again.

I would recommend keeping the smallest press, especially if it has good rollers. A little tabletop press is usually worth more than one that weighs 2,000 pounds. An 8 X 12 is a nice size and basic parts are easy to find.

They are all floor models - big. But the smaller of them is in working order I think because the fellow I bought them from mainly used it for years.

I agree with Kevin. Keep with the small presses, especially if they are the ones in the best working order. The only real benefit of a larger press is your sheet size so if you want to print posters than keep them. Otherwise let them go.
Shipping and moving will probably cost more than the presses are worth and the big ones will cost that much more so look for a buyer who can move it themselves. You may not want to work through a dealer, but a dealer may be willing to buy all of the ones you don’t want, and he can probably move them all out himself. You might not get a premium price, but haveing it all taken care of might be worth it.
good luck!

Thanks. I appreciate the comments very much.