Mounting Base, Adhesive, and solvents.

Why this apparently all consuming obsession with Mounting Base, Adhesive,s and Solvents? Which seems to consume vast amounts of column inches, by many supposed experts just out posting each other. Actually Not helping New Keen Would be printers very much at all, who are trying to get their heads around the rudiments of getting the image onto the paper, (possibly)?? OR is it self congraturately, “as I can witter about it and out shine Joe Bloggs therfore I must be a good printer”. Comes to mind the saying “them as can DO! them as cannot, TALK about it!!! Sit back, take an in depth look at some, of the many posts about, even this particular subject. 95% of no use to would be learners but very impressive for out classing the last man. >>>O.K. I WITTER but I try to be informative believing that my humble efforts are being picked up by those who havent yet had the opportunity to learn. If I post an item because I have done it, I try to think in terms of the reader/learner needing the info and the basics, Not second hand, half truths, and vested interests etc.If my efforts are conjecture, speculation, or here-say, (because I am talking from the wrong orifice, I make it clear with my apologies, in advance) I have my own indigenous Judge and Jury close by. (Good Morning Peter!!!)>>>>Back to the original thrust, once again WHY etc? Way back, every image transfer medium that was ever in use, I.E. Four colour plates, stereos, copper faced steroes, half tones, zincos, line blocks, etc etc (whatever you may call them) were all mounted on Super caster 3 em by 3 em mounting quads (or Ludlow equivelant) having been made up and laid down by a compositor with their individual pre make ready Galley which was acetate graphed register system, in register before it hit the stone for locking up. Perfectly Universal for everthing from a 5 x 3 (pirate Adana) and yes I/We all did *** up to and beyond, 32 pages on 4 colour on a BIG Meihle,.Tirfing, Johannisberg, etc. The base was made up to the precise overall dimension, laid down, printed, and either dissed back for reuse, or left standing for re-run, If decontamination was involved at all, (which was rare because the base hardly ever extended beyond the plate and consequently did not inadvertantly pick up ink etc.) the only solvents were, white spirit, methylated spirit or terpentine. Never heard of a print firm burning down or anybody suffering from solvent inhalation. AND of course never any in depth investigations re what size B****R base to acquire or not to acquire. Of course no F*****G (as in flatulence) about re chase size etc and tailoring to fit? For The Cost, The Non Versatility, And the (apparent) technical and chemical problems IS IT progress???>>>If I see it wrongly, PLEASE put me right ON LINE as it may well help, others, to save money.!!!.

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Mick you took the words right out of my mouth. Except for the judge Peter stuff.