Excess of ink on the edges of the print

Dear all

I am printing some birthday invitations using my Heidelberg windmill and I am having a problem that maybe you know how to solve it.

I am printing with guides so I have the form on the bottom-right of the rame. In the lower part of the job the print shows an excess of ink on the edge.

I tried the following:

1. I have separated the ink rollers with the controls at the sides of the body of the machine. I get a print clearly low of ink and still an excess of ink on the bottom edge of the job.

2. I have introduced a sheet of paper in between the main rollers to reduce the amount of ink

3. I lowered pleasure

4. I put some lines at the bottom of the form so the polymer was not the first thing the rollers touch in their way up.

Bottom line… I tried everything I could

If you have any ideas height appreciated!



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Can you link to a picture of a print?

If the lower elements in the print are impressed too deeply, the platen may be overpacked.

I would normalize the machine by setting the rollers back to type-high, and repack under the tympan sheet using the gauge in the delivery standard for the proper packing thickness. (See page 49 in the manual for more info.)

image: PackingGauge1.png


If I had completed steps one and two of your items, I would probably have lowered pleasure, too!

(This is a site devoted to letterpress- I have to laugh like hell every tyme I spot a tipo!)

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Thanks for your comments!

I lowered the pressure until the limit where I couldn’t feel the embossing effect on the paper but still I get an excess of ink on the bottom edge.

I print with the text parallel to the rollers. Could it be the effect of the bump of the rollers on the polymer? If it is so, any trick to fix it?

HavenPress: I should have been fired from the print shop! ;)

Your help is HIGHLY appreciated!



Hi Manuel,

It is not clear if the problem is the rollers hitting the base & plate, or if the lower lines of type are over-inked (or over impressed).

Is it possible that the base is a “standard” height, but the polymer plate is a “deep relief” plate?

Also, reducing impression has a different effect than reducing the packing… reducing the packing changes the orientation of the platen to the forme, essentially tipping the top more forward toward the form.

If you need a manual, you can download it here: http://letterpresscommons.com/files/2012/10/Original-Heidelberg-10.25_x1...

Dear AnonyMouse

Problem solved!

I have added some lines perpendicular to the rollers and along each side of the job so the rollers don’t bump into the polymer on their way up.