printing company selling out

I have old print equiptment, letter presses, lead type, wood type, lock sets, stiching machine, cutter, drill press, I have no idea where to go to find out what is reasonable for pricing to resell does anyone have any ideas any advice would be appreciated. I bought the building and the shop was active until that point.

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Some comments.

Pricing depends on…………..

How soon does it have to be moved
Can you help load?
Selling piece by piece or everything goes in one sale.

Most of the equipment is probably larger and potential buyers need extra time to arrange transportation, rigging, etc.

Location is very helpful in helping weeding out tire kickers from the serious buyers.

Pictures would help us (this doesn’t include a newbie to printing like me) in ID’ing the equipment and misc. supplies.


Yep, and I would also add that this is a sellers market where inexperienced buyers are concerned; but it seems to be a buyers market where experienced buyers are concerned. So that will come into play.

I am looking for a proof press ( Vandercook ) Don’t mind a reasonable road trip either.