Studio Space

I’m currently doing all my printing in a small rented flat. It’s kinda romantic, all the dust and solvents and the risk of the cat walking across the platen at any moment, but its not ideal.

I wondered if any of you had any experience or ideas about how I could go about sourcing cheap shared studio space (ideally local to Canterbury, UK).

I’m a student, and thus I’m not exactly rich, but I feel like this is the next step that I need to take in order to develop my creativity. Any ideas or clues or even encouragements about how you ‘got on the ladder’ as it were, would be really helpful.

Thanks all :)


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Have a word with some of the farmers around you , there will be one with a bit of room in the corner of a barn or nip down to wincheap and see if there is a printer that will let you into a small corner in return for the occasional bit of cheap overprinting .

What kind of Equipment do you have, Vicki?

Part of the reason you might want to get a space separate from your flat would generally have to do with operation of the equipment, but part of it might be growth. Ask yourself where you see things going in about 5-6 years and decide if you think the risk associated with getting a separate space is worthwhile, whether you want to get ahold of more equipment or add to your capabilities; also, it may not be a bad idea to ask around and find other folks interested in the same thing in your community, local to you, to see if you wouldn’t have the opportunity to with sharing a space. If you’re flexible about equipment you may be able to team up and pool resources; printing is sometimes a pretty social thing (why else would an online community like this exist? :wink:).

Good luck in either case.