SAROGLIA Proof Press - Opinons?

Hi everyone, one of these just popped up in my neck of the woods. I have been looking for a small proof press for sometime, anyone know anything about these? I know its Italian and the factory was destroyed in the war, other than that not too much

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Paul, we had one in our studio in the late 1990s. It was great, adjustable bed etc. We found that the Saroglia company is still in business making die cutters and foil stamping equipment. They were very nice but had very little info on our “Canuck” as it was called. The press worked a treat but was very heavy to crank on long runs like the ones we were doing at the time. For short runs and artist editions it’s wonderful.

Hi Everyone, sorry for the double post. I must have clicked twice by accident.

Pantry Press.. in Toronto.. That is funny. It was your press that I saw today. Small world. It was a great press but it was the hard cranking along with the adjustable bed being seized ( probably not that big of a deal ) that caused me to not take it. With a light impression it was ok but even with a slight emboss I found it really hard to turn over the plate. Really nice couple that have the press, they spent a lot of time showing it to me and chatting. They made some lovely prints with it.

I do believe they posted it here if anyone is interested I am happy to send the link posted locally.