Case of Type with Metal Drawers-ID Needed

Hello-I would like to know the history of this case of type. We purchased this set this weekend because we loved it, but no one at the antique place knew anything about it except they bought it at an auction. It is a metal 6 drawer case of rubber type, various sizes, a few mounted on wood. THe case measures approx 14” X 9” X 10” and is super heavy. No markings, names or dates of any kind. The first 5 drawers have tiered metal rows to keep the letters orderly.

Possibly type for a showcard press? I can tell it was used in a department store in Duluth Minnesota, probably for advertsing, as it has the name of the store with the type all glued together.

Any help would be appreciated see attached pics.

image: type 1.jpg

type 1.jpg

image: type 4.jpg

type 4.jpg

image: type 3.jpg

type 3.jpg

image: type 2.jpg

type 2.jpg

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Appears to be a version of the cabinets that came with Showcard and Line-o-Type style proof-presses. I would look around for ads for those types of presses and see if you can’t spot your cabinet there.


Thanks! Any idea of the age?

Here’s a similar small type case and associated sign press —

I have a catalog somewhere that would indicate age, however I’m not sure….guessing 1960-70s?

Thanks much!