Moving A Heidelberg Windmill

G’day Folks;

I just a while back bought a Windmill to save it from going to the dump. Now I’m like the dog chasing the car and catching it —-having caught it I don’t know what to do with it. However, with my first chore being to make room for it and move it in, I’m wondering what the minimum width of gate(in this case)/doorway I need to get it through. Your help would be much appreciated……thanks….db

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P.S. —- I guess I should have specified that this is a 10 x 15 Windmill (Black Ball)…..again, thanks……db

You may have seen this post:

The number discussed there is 900mm.

Thanks for the link. However, the 900 mm figure is the person in question’s doorway width and the ‘halfnine’ link shows no way to access a larger image. I guess I might rephrase my question in a similar way as the original in the link. That being roughly, ‘Can I get a 10 x 15 Windmill through a gate that is four(4) feet wide, and if not, how wide must I make the gate?’…….again, thanks……..db

I think it can be done. The manual specs the rig at 47”. A rough drawing I have shows 46”.

You might easily get another 1.5” of space by taking off the bearing press.

I would like to thank AnonyMouse and Typenut for their replies to my little query……cheers to all…..db