Interesting new equipment

Just to add to the very short list of companies or people producing new equipment, this guys seem to have produced a new table top proof-press, kinda like a lino-scribe and a nolan.
I also saw some padding presses and some intaglio presses on their website. They look well constructed, but I couldn’t find a price. I believe they are in Spain.

What do you guys think?

image: arteina.jpg


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Looks like he is producing quality goods.

….. Even BETTER- he isn’t just yelling BEHOLD and showing us pictures of blanchard grinding!

Looks like he’s got a nice press there.

I’ve been planning on trying something similar myself, since presses like these aren’t exactly complex designs. Given the cost of materials and time, I doubt it would be cheaper than buying an old Nolan, but it would be a fun project and yeild a unique result.

HavenPress — I caught your references — very funny indeed!

Kimaboe- depends on who’s nolan you’re buying and how much work in trade you could do for the right CNC machinist.