vinyl printing rollers

I have been pricing rollers for my V-50.
Found a fellow making vinyl printing rollers.
Here is Houston Rubber works best, but, I never used vinyl, has other used vinyl printing rollers?

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Well, should you desire mysterious inking problems, short-lived expensive rollers which, one unpredictable day suddenly turn harder than a carp, by all means go for the vinyl. Such material makes for great kiddie swimming pools, but is less than desirable for serious printing. Of course, others might differ. :o)

I think I am going with Rubber.

I have been talking to a fellow name Todd for the past day, sound like he has a fair price and a good rubber printing roller that should work.

I think rubber is the way. I have heard good things about Todd and his rollers.

forme….. that is an interesting observation. I was unaware of the relatively high durometer reading of that particular species of fish. I’m wondering now if other species might also have similar properties….. like if I use vinyl rollers, might they also turn as leathery as a tuna? or maybe go as rough as a shark? OR even worse, might they go as flat as a flounder? Yikes! The very idea of it makes me shutter.

I’m with you on this one. I’m not sure about the fish-density tie-in, but I’ve never had any luck with vinyl rollers.

Although I do like your “flat as a flounder” expression, my use of the word: ‘carp’ is not a piscine reference. Rather, it refers to an anatomical descript of bone. Thus the ‘hard as….’ usage. And I, too, would shudder at being shuttered. :o)

wow… that actually makes sense, even in my somewhat limited brain. I guess that’s where we get Meta-CARP-el Tunnels from. Interesting.

However…. I don’t see what fishes swimming in a tunnel have to do with vinyl rollers. ;)