Type Cabinets, Flat Files at Mt. Pleasant Printer’s Fair

We have an acquaintance who is interested in selling some type cabinets and flat files. If there is any interest, we will bring them to the Great Northern and Midwest Printer’s Fair Sept 20-21, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Please message me if you are interested so we can let him know! Otherwise we won’t be bringing them. He doesn’t quite believe that you printers out there exist and can use these good-looking pieces in a working shop. -Julie and Dave.


4 Wooden Oak Type Cabinets with type cases in steel or wood. Very good condition.

2 Hamilton Steel Type Cabinets with matching steel type cases

6 Gray Large Format 5-drawer flat files for storing paper, prints. Most in great condition.
53” wide and 41.5” deep.

2 Black Large Format 5-drawer flat files, 44” wide and 35” deep.

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image: Steel type cabinet.jpg

Steel type cabinet.jpg

image: Wood Type cabinets.jpg

Wood Type cabinets.jpg

image: Wood Type cabinet 3.jpg

Wood Type cabinet 3.jpg

image: Wood Type cabinet 2.jpg

Wood Type cabinet 2.jpg

image: Wood Type cabinet open.jpg

Wood Type cabinet open.jpg

image: Gray Flat files.jpg

Gray Flat files.jpg

image: Gray Flat files open.jpg

Gray Flat files open.jpg

image: Black Flat files .jpg

Black Flat files .jpg