Chandler and Price Craftsman paper cutter setup

I am going through my C&P 26” paper cutter i just received. I just got back the blades i sent out for sharpening and i have taken many of the linkages out and the screw for the clamp off to fix some previous owner “repairs” to the pin that holds it together. there were many nails and some banding and electrical tape holding it together. i have searched all over the place to find a manual on it to set it back up right. i have no worries about getting it back together and functioning, i just like doing it to the manual if available. should the blade just kiss the plastic strip or bite into it? it also seems to be missing a part to pin the blade in the up position so the handle cannot be moved. does anyone have a picture of how it should be so i can make a new one. i sure dont want it to be moved accidentally.

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