Gothic Condensed Octagon Shade

Does anyone have a complete reference for Gothic Condensed Octagon Shade they could share with me.

I want to cut a set of this wood type for my shop.

I’ve looked at a few characters on Letterpress Daily,

See example.

However, it’s not enough for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Press

image: 10p_Goth_Oct_Shd_R_combo.gif


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Casey M. Friend, just a (possibly silly, With Apologies) side track, angle of approach, from the U.K.:-
Since 25/35 years back, U.K. Car/Auto number plates have in design and construction gone from basic original, as stand out plastic letters and figs. (3D) through pressed out (embossed/debossed) construction, (aluminium plate) through many variations in plastic, computor generated, cut/laminated styles.
Including, to date, many variations which include optical 3D effects. Virtually all, apparently, based on Gothic Face to a Now compulsory height/size approximately equivalent to 36 line.
Of course, here in U.K. the *Boy Racers* and others have to space out there numbers/figures for personal reasons, (outside the regs.)
Might a little, investigation along these lines (possibly) provide clues to enable, study, design, construction etc and transfer of, One dimension to Three dimensions, via A/The Pantograph cutter.
Requested On line or Off, possibly Our Automobile Association “may” provide design, origin, background, etc and useful info to this end. Your on line shot is a dead ringer for our number plates, during an interim period!!! way back, and I may have one or two examples, in my collection of cherished plates, and could post examples.?? (on line shots) **if of use.** Good Luck. Mick.

I have one small font, but the A is not original. Seeing that you have a sample of that letter, you might be able to construct a complete alphabet from the remaining letters on my page. See:[email protected]/3728454745/in/set-721576214258... The AE diphthong is also missing.

Dave Greer

Dave, thanks for the post, this helps tremendously. Would you have a straight on shot of this specimen page?

Thank you

Casey McGarr

I am unable to take another photo of the page and upload it on Briar Press. I will experiment this weekend and see if I can get a more direct shot to post on my Flickr site.

I removed the page from the specimen book and scanned it to my Flickr site. It can be seen here:[email protected]/10083366826/
I hope this can be used. It should be noted that the L is not original, either.


Thank you, I’ve started to redraw the character and have started with the ampersand. Your feedback is very welcome.


image: gothic_con_oct_shade.gif