Morgan and Wilcox press

Morgan and Wilcox -late 19th century - press made in Middletown, NY. Seems to be in working order but currently disassembled for transport. Hand operated flat-bed Washington type hand press; all cast iron; staple has rounded top; handle which lowers the platen protrudes from one side of staple; very end of handle is wood; carriage for plant and coffin (or bed) protrudes under handle and has round barrel on bottom side; handle on left side of carriage (left side standing at end of carriage); feet are one piece construction with cross brace; top of spale has makers stamp. Furniture parts; I.e. composing sticks, rollers/galley are with press. Painted black overall; corner brackets of bed of press are removable. Approx. 1400 lbs. May have signs of wear an require minor repairs to tympan. Currently located in Central New York State. All reasonable offers considered. You transport.

Additional information:

Yes, it does have a rounce.
No, it does not appear to have a frisket.
Bed size: 24.75” x 29.5”
Platen size: 20x25

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image: press.jpg


image: press 2.jpg

press 2.jpg