Windmill Rider Roller

I am considering purchasing a Windmill press that is missing a rider roller. Do those of you who use Windmills feel that operating the press without this roller would greatly inhibit ink coverage, particularly in larger solid areas?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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I hardly use the rider roller, you will have trouble printing and large solid as the windmill has only 2 form rollers.

Rider rollers can still be found from parts suppliers, ebay etc. (You can always post a WTB on Briar Press).

It’s common for shops run without them for smaller work (invites & such).

They help reduce ghosting… a 2” diameter forme roller will ghost on a forme more than 6.28” in height, so a rider re-inks the forme rollers somewhat during the pass.

(A missing rider wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for an otherwise good deal on a windmill, for me.)

Thank you very much for the comments. I have decided to purchase this press and would like at some point to add the rider roller that is missing, so will look for them online as you suggest, or if anyone has one to sell please feel free to contact me.

We don’t use it much but there are times when it can really help. Just be sure to have even pressure all the way across.