Replacing Challenge Blade

I removed the blade from my Challenge 24” cutter and it is being sharpened. My question is about the three adjusting screws that will need to be turned when the blade is replaced.

While they are slotted, I am bewildered how I can use a screwdriver to access the head or for that matter, for the two end adj screws, how any tool would work. What am I missing? Thanks, Neil

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First, I hope you removed and replace the blade with the handles to hold the blade.

Not sure on Challenge 24”, adjusting the screws.
But the paper cutters I used in the past, the screw had a square head and you adjustment them with a small wrench.

Hi Aaron and thanks. It slid out from the side of the cutter so I just lifted it form the top with heavy gloves. I’m just not sure what handles you are referring to. Perhaps these are square enough and just thickly painted, but then I wonder why the groove as if there were screws? Thanks, Neil