Adjusting Cams on Vandercook Universal I Power

I have a early modal Universal I Power that I have recently purchased. From the looks of it runs well. However when running the automatic carriage it has a tendency to slam into the end of the run and upon returning to the feed board slamming into that. I have adjusted the speed and the brake using the dials on the operators side, but think I need to adjust the cams (is this the correct term) on the other side.

Question is, how in the world do I do this? Is there a way that Vandercook suggest to get the most middle of the road action? I have pictures of how all four are set up and each cam.

Please note: one of the previous owner in their amazing wisdom decided to spray paint this press a disgusting dark grey and when they replaced some of the the labels on the cams they did some upside down.

Also have already posted this exact same question on Vanderblog. Thank you for your time!

image: feedboardcams.jpg


image: endruncams.jpg


image: photo3.jpg


image: photo4.jpg


image: photo5.jpg


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