Peerless (No. 1) woodwork restoration help

I’m currently restoring a Peerless press by Cropper and Charlton of Nottingham like this one - - unfortunately it doesn’t ‘t have any of it’s original woodwork - table, bottom drawer etc - can anyone send me some dimensions for these so I can get them made?
What wood do you think was originally used - pine?

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Would venture to say it was hard maple..
Never noticed any with a heavy grained wood.
I have one it’s hard maple.

Most printing cabinets were made of Deal which is a wood from a species of Scotch Pine. It is medium hard and easy to work. Maple is a very hard and very stable wood. If you had the cabinet parts made of maple it would probably last for generations.


Thanks for all the input re wood - I’m in the UK so I think maple is not really an option.
Forgot to add that it’s a 7x11 chase model

The Peerless is a copy of the Old-Style Golding Pearl No. 3. I made drawers for Pearl 1 by borrowing a drawer from another press and copying it. Usually the front is hardwood, like cherry, and the back, sides and bottom are cheaper wood, like pine.

You should be able to make the drawer by measuring the opening for it. As for the feed board and delivery board, you should be able to gauge that pretty closely by examining the illustration.