Homemade Press

If anyone here is interested in building a press from scratch (total cost, ~$60), here’s a picture of the one I put together. A lot of it was engineered on the fly, and I had no background in printing, so I’m sure it could be improved. Eventually, I’ll post full plans over at instructables.com, but for now I’ve got to get the rest of those Save-the-Dates printed.

Waiting for that MacArthur Genius Award for re-engineering 13th century technology.

image: press1.jpg

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very cool! any close ups of the finished pieces? did you use a photopolymer plate? i’d be very interested to see the plans on how you made it…hope to see them on instructables soon!

if you don’t mind, i’d like to post a link to this to my blog; let me know if that’s ok. thanks!

I’ll get some close-ups when I put together the instructable. I am using photopolymer, but I originally designed it around a chase. I scrapped that when I decided I wanted to use graphics on the invitations I built it for, but I think it would work just as well, and I’d like to try metal type eventually.

Please, link away. Like I said, when I have more time to get the design posted in detail, I’d love to get some feedback on how to improve it. A few things (the registration comes to mind) are perfectly functional but far from elegant.

i’m waiting excitedly to see more information on this…as well as some close-ups of your design work on the save-the-dates! the work and the machine look great so far — anticipating much more!

I’m pretty buried at the moment, work, wedding stuff, etc., but I’ll definitely get the specifics out as soon as I have a chance. Thanks for the comments on the design of the save-the-date too. Now I’ve just got to get the plates for the invitations, rsvps, programs, etc. designed. Realistic as I am, I also volunteered to brew all the beer for the event. DIY is great, but it’ll kill you when you’re on a schedule…

I know I’m still hoping to see more info on this constuction! I’m fascinated to see how it all works, versus buying the more standard (?) refurbished press.

I finally put an instructable together.


just what i’ve been hoping for. thanks for the time and effort to put the instructable together. i’m looking forward to making this my fall project. well done!

Love it! Gutenberg would’ve been im-pressed, me thinks. (Pun intended.)


Gutenberg had much better. This is only a re-interpretation of the 19th century copy press (binder’s nipping press). Not a bad job for $60 but Gutenberg had control over registration and impression, to say the least. Without those, you’ve got nothing except, well, a nipping press.