317 Vandercook Proof Press

Hello Everyone,
I have a Vandercook 317 Proof Press. Does anyone have a manual? My rollers need replaced, and I want to make sure I am getting the correct ones.

If someone has a manual, it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, does anyone have a video of the press in operation? Could I commision someone to record with their phone the press and talk about the different areas and possibly even run a paper through? I have had this press in storage, so we are just getting to know her. We have another Vandercook (sp15) but the feed setup is different.

Thank you,


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No manuals available - my 317 is currently in storage, but I’ve had it running, so maybe I can help. Where are you located? How complete is it? Got any photos? Get your rollers from NA Graphics - and with two Vandys, definitely get to know Fritz, and Paul Moxon.

Bill Whitley
Fort Collins CO

I don’t think any 317 reference materials have been passed on to current Vandercook users. The only 31x Vandercook I’ve seen belonged to Mark Wilden who started the Vandercook info website, now much expanded by Paul Moxon. Between them nobody has spent more time looking for Vandercook documents, except for Fritz, who has all that remains of Vandercook. And alas, Vandercook did not save everything when models became obsolete.
The 31x Vandercooks are different from all other Vandercooks. They are fed, face-down, to stops under the cylinder, and the cylinder is then rolled back over the form and the sheet delivered automatically. This was a design intended for quick production of sheets, but I have doubts about registering multiple colors with the accuracy possible in other models. It just might allow for thicker stock than can conform to a cylinder, because the sheet isn’t bent more than (at a guess) 30 degrees.