Origins and details - MERCEDES 2

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Needed : details and origins; how this machine operates etc.

MERCEDES 2 - Only thing that we know is that this prints on very thin paper.

Discernable detail on machines :

Made in Germany
Paul Glockner - Bad Homburg
Maschinenfabrik vorm Ph. MAYFARTH & Co
Frankfurt a.M. Fechenheim
Maset Mr 4025 Bauj 1956 Aufzg m

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The Royal Press, Malaysia

image: Mercedes 2as.png

Mercedes 2as.png

image: Label Glockner.png

Label Glockner.png

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A very common press, search a bit further in germany, get in touch with the museum in Leipzig.

it prints on all kind of papers now a days its more used for diecutting.

Aslivina, Friend, small offerings follow thus:- about the mid 1970,s although my proper job was Typcasting and because I was interested in running repairs to print Machinery, (letterpress) I was occasionally involved, with repairs to the machinery at a rival firm, (although Firms were competitors & because letterpress was in decline) there was a spirit of co-operation, i.e. sink or swim together!!!
One such case was when I was asked to repair or have repaired the main Motor on a *NOVA* Glockner Mercedes!!
I fell in love with it then, and watched it run for 3-4 hours while my repair was under test.
The attraction was the beautiful action, of transferring the sheets from the stock pile, around and through the cylinder, and then flying them over the ink train, to the delivery pile, via the sucker bar which picked/sucked, the sheets from the back end, on delivery. Amazing to watch.!!!
There is on Google some references, but at least one in action, but *sadly* with a cutting jacket, around the cylinder, which is painful to watch and hear.
Although the Glockner ,along with other letterpress machines, in that time, could be rigged for die-cutting, because the Cylinder is so comparitevely small in circumference, the steel jacket is difficult to wrap around the cylinder, and if you watch the video, (in Pain!!) you will SEE & HEAR the heavy sheets being tortured through the press, never intended for quite that, as you observe with your thin sheet???
Some years ago, because I admired the Glockner so much I acquired one, which with hindsight was not too clever!! allowed it to fall into ruin, scrapped it, obviously regretted it.
Did keep a few little bits, but did learn a little, including observing one tiny quirk, which I believe, was unique to the Glockner, the forme rollers were quick release, nothing unusual in that, but they were all ball ended for quick re-alignment for wash up etc, just one of several points that helped my appreciation.
I believe that somewhere in the records/archives, there is a quote, implying that it was a very advanced machine, even then.???
Good Post, Thank you, and Good Luck.

@thomas gravemaker, @phase4, @Mick on Monotype - Thank you so much for your feedback! - Ashvina

@thomas gravemaker, @phase4, @Mick on Monotype - Thank you so much for your feedback! - Ashvina