Titan treadle press - for rebuilding/restoration

[although I’m posting this from the Hand & Eye Foundry account, this is a personal ad - collection from SE London]

This is a Titan treadle press, made by E.A. Braddick of Gough Square, London, with an internal chase size of 11” x 7 3/4”. There are (I think) three chases with it, rollers that were new about 5 years ago (unused since then, so may need recovering), and I believe there are some other roller stocks, too.

It had been in storage for several years and was fully operational when I acquired it in 2011, but had to be disassembled for storage at my end. While being disassembled, unfortunately the crankshaft cracked. The shaft is currently at Bridport Foundry, where they’ve quoted me £70 to have a new one made (though this was around a year ago). They’ve said it’s not a complicated job when it needs to be done.

I’d really just like it to go to a good home, so if you want a project and can pick it up from South East London, then you can have it.
I am a little short of typecases, though, so if you have any that you’d like to swap for it, I’d happily accept them in exchange.

In its disassembled state, it would probably fit in the back of an estate car - if you need more precise measurements, just ask. Once the new crankshaft’s made, then the press would work fine once reassembled; if you wanted to strip all the old paint off and refinish it, though, now would be the ideal time to do that.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line; I can’t often answer the phone, so email is the best way to get in touch. Hope I can find an enthusiastic new owner for it.

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