Our experience moving a C&P 10x15 (+ pics)

Pouring over old posts here a BP was by far the best choice I made prior to attempting to pick up our first standing press, so I wanted to be sure to share our story and pictures in hopes someone else may benefit.

First, I completely agree with comments I read referring to logic being more important than muscle when moving a press. So true.

The move went flawlessly, mostly due to: 1) the press was already on a trailer that was the same height as our trailer, 2) using the winch on our trailer.

Photo 1: For the move we used a single axle trailer (max capacity 3800 lbs) with a 3,000 lb winch….

We drove 2 hours 45 minutes one way - it poured during the entire drive there, stopped while we loaded, and started to rain just as we were ready to leave. Whew!

Photo 2: Well, hello beauties…

Photo 3: Hubby removing the gates off of the back of the trailer…

Photo 4: This big hulk o’ metal looks much more daunting when you have to MOVE IT.

Photo 5: Strategist Husband. We (by “we” I mean… my husband) used a cloth lift strap with loops at both ends to put around the very bottom of the press.

Photo 6: Using pry bars to move the press about 8-10” sideways to be centered in the middle of our trailer. He backed out trailer up against the side of the trailer where the press was sitting.

Photos 7 & 8: Time for the winch… he clipped both loops of the cloth strap. My contribution was pushing the button to run the winch and pull the press onto our trailer.

Easy, peasy!

Photo 9: Hubby added several straps per some suggestions that I had read and youtube’d… and then added one more “just in case.”

Ready for her new home!

image: _1IMG_1330-M.jpg


image: _2IMG_1337-M.jpg


image: _3IMG_1341-M.jpg


image: _4IMG_1343-M.jpg


image: _5IMG_1346-M.jpg


image: _6IMG_1351-M.jpg


image: _7IMG_1352-M.jpg


image: _9IMG_1348-M.jpg


image: _8IMG_1352-M.jpg


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Glad it went well. I’m glad you didn’t have to manage a stairwell or significant slope. C&P presses are a bit top heavy. I prefer to attach to the press both low and higher, even if moving on level surfaces with this sort of setup. A set of iron pipe rollers is even easier, though that doesn’t look like it was a possibility here.

Enjoy your new press.

Ahhhhhh…..those pictures bring back fond memories of a number of similar moves (though in reality not as smooth as this one appears to have been) —- they make me wish I had a press to fetch from somewhere…..very nostalgic….thanks for the pics and the memories, and to echo the above, enjoy your new press…….cheers…..db