Need new rollers

Good Morning everyone, I now have my press all cleaned and ready to get into running order. I do need new rollers, and need to know how to measure and where you would suggest to purchase them. I do have the original rollers but the rubber was melted in a fire. Also any advise on paper for a wedding invitation and ink would be helpful. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance. amy

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Hi, Call Denny at Advanced Rollers. Tell him which press you have he can give you recommendations. He can do almost any roller, but in the rare case he cant he will connect you to someone who can help.

Here is his contact information:

Tell him Pete from Old City Press in Washington, DC sent you.


No tell him I sent you!
Those guys are great. Quick service at a great rate. I use them for my proof press rollers.

Thank You very much Pete for the info, I will call them in the morning. I appreciate both of you letting me know that this is a good place to go. Thanks again and Have an Outstanding Evening :) amy