Letterpress Studio: C&P 8x12, Challenge 193 & more

I have a small letterpress shop/equipment for sale… I am moving back west and have to close my “newbie” shop :(


• C&P 8x12:
“Old Style” with the beautiful curves in the wheel. A machinist outfitted with variable speed motor, includes the original treadle should you want to print manually, otherwise plug in and go. Great press for a beginner - be assured that its in perfect working order, with brand new rollers and inspected by one of the most seasoned pressmen around (I purchased it from John, the owner of “letterpress things”).

+++ It comes with everything you need to get printing…. Furniture, lead, slugs, Key & quoins, gauge pins, rulers, brush, setting stone, tympan & press board…
$2650 OBO

• challenge 193 manual paper cutter without stand, on dolly, has new cutting sticks and extra blade.
$900 OBO

• boxcar base 6x9
$150 OBO

• Tympan Paper: 8x10 platen ( works with C&P 8x12)
die cut & scored, 100 sheets
$40 OBO

• Lettra 600 gsm (22x30) Florescent White
31 sheets plus extra already cut to a7 & a6 you can have for free if you pick up in person!
$140 OBO

• Lettra 300 gsm (22x30) Florescent White
105 sheets
$140 OBO

General Printing: $20 obo
American Lean Type: $55 obo
American Wood Type: $30 boo

Plus other random supplies, paper, scores & perfs, and all sorts of schtuff!


Please contact me if you have any interest! Ask about prices.


Pick-up only for heavy items or you pay for shipping. Easy access pick up, drive right up to garage, and I can forklift for you. But it is recommended that you bring a truck with a lift gate. I believe Ryder rents them. Cash only.

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