Letterpress Print Shop (entire) in CT, USA

After many years of accumulating equipment and printing a variety of things, Green Dolphin Press is closing it’s letterpress print shop (we’re moving).

If someone out there would like everything, I’m prepared to sell them everything for a discounted price of $15,000. This is far less than what I have spent in judiciously assembling this shop from many sources over twenty-five years. Just the fonts of Ludlow matrices, if bought on Ebay now for $50 each on average, would cost over $9,000.

If I can’t sell this as an entire shop, I’ll have to part it out, so the opportunity to get everything at once is a limited time offer.

This kind of offer doesn’t happen every year! The shop is at ground level in what other people would call a two-car garage, in south-west Connecticut, USA. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. If you
might know someone who is interested, please forward this information.

This is everything you need to do letterpress printing - I know, since I’ve been producing letterpress printing with just these things for years now.

An abbreviated and approximate list of equipment that is included in the complete print shop follows:

- Model L Ludlow electric type caster with lots of extra pigs
- 1926 Chandler & Price 8x12 clamshell press, with motor and foot treadle
- Pearl 7x11 clamshell press
- Schniedewend iron hand press
- Schniedewend Reliance 23” floor standing hand operated guillotine, with
spare blade
- 20 Ludlow composing sticks (normal, italic, double, triple, large
matrix, etc)
- nine cabinets full of Ludlow matrices, plus extra empty cases
- Eusebius, Garamond, Caslon, Bodoni, Cheltenham, rule, ornaments, etc
- ten cabinets of hand set type, plus extra empty cases
- one cabinet of wood type
- five galley cabinets of various sizes, each full of galleys
- three (two short and one long) furniture cabinets, full of furniture
- stone composing table
- reglet cabinet with reglet
- spacing material (coppers, brasses, and quads)
- extra uncut furniture and reglet material
- extra strip leading and rule material
- slug cutters, hand set composing sticks, type gauges, etc
- Cost Cutter calibrated electric table saw
- Poco proof press
- Rossback pin perforator
- two floor standing Stimson grommet setters
- 6 foot tall ink cupboard, full of ink
- Rouse vertical rotary miterer (electric)
- type high gauge, Ludlow identification gauge, etc
- book presses, hand miterer, etc
- staplers, etc
- a collection of instruction books, type specimens, etc

So, don’t wait. Why spend years accumulating each item yourself - you can have a whole shop in one fell swoop! Back up the truck (just make it a big one).


David Macfarlane,
Green Dolphin Press.

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