Holyoke Paper Launches Kickstart Card


As some of you may know, my good friend, and prospective business partner/investor suddenly passed away this past November from complications arising from a severe and aggressive brain tumor. Sarah was going to take over the day-to-day running of Holyoke Paper so I could focus on being the pressman for Manifesto Letterpress and National Letterpress. Along with Sarah joining the team, she was to be making an investment in Holyoke Paper. Sarah’s ongoing struggle this past year, and her inability to join us as planned, has left us in a bit of a pickle. Besides my less than stellar attempts to run both businesses single-handedly as I awaited Sarah’s arrival, I am mid-stream with a new paper line.

We are looking to generate a small amount of immediate capital to finish production for our newest color in the line, “Pure” bright white. Once we have reached our goal, we will stop offering the cards.

We are launching our Kickstart Card to help us meet our commitments. This is not being run through the kickstarter website, but is instead our own program run directly on our site at holyokedirect.com

Basically, we are offering significant discounts in the form of store credit and free paper to anyone who might purchase one of our Kickstart Cards. So if you’re looking to make some purchases from Holyoke Paper over the next 150 years, this would be a good chance for you to secure a 20% discount on future purchases, as well as help out an independent paper company that caters to the letterpress printer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Actually, I have to bravo you for not running this through kickstarter itself. By offering store credit, provided your business does not go belly-up (which I sincerely hope it does not), the purchaser of said card is guaranteed their reward.

…. Unlike kickstarter. I contributed to a well known letterpress printer’s kickstarter a long time ago after having a long conversation with him on the telephone about his apparatus- the “ink dial™”; after looking at his rewards, I thought “how can it go wrong? All these prints? The reward is easily worth it”.

…. And then he never delivered a single reward to anyone at all, and just kept the money and never made his “ink dial”- the fraud.

ANYHOW, I digress; point is, this seems like a more straightforward alternative and anyone who thinks it through might realize that.

Best of luck!